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TongueJoy Romance Edition

Manufacturers of the Patented Lix and Tonguejoy

Oral Barbells and Vibrators

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Experience TongueJoy & Lix

TongueJoy™ is a discreet, light personal massager designed for playful romantic interaction between adults. It can be worn on tongue, fingers, toes, or be used as an intercourse ring. Really, wherever your imagination takes you. TongueJoy™ is the same great micro massager users have come to love, only now competitively priced. Tonguejoy will in the very near future be introducing a retail configuration (4” by 3”) suitable for sale in mainstream retail venues inclusive of general retailers and convenience stores.

Anyone Can use it, and everyone is talking about the sensual TongueJoy™ experience. The TongueJoy™ is an intimate massager that anyone can attach to any body part in an instant with one of the three Elastic Silicone Bands (tongue, finger, vibrating ring, etc) for Out-Of-This-World Pleasures that only you, your lover and TongueJoy™ can give and receive.

The patented Lix (now available also in a non-piercing form) is perhaps the most popular oral vibrator ever created with more than one million (1,000,000) devoted users.  Lix comes in a variety of colors and styles with continued enhancements ongoing.  The product line includes both six (6) new non-piercing styles and four (4) value driven oral vibrators known as the Lix Tiggler line. 

“Recommended” —in Playboy Advisor
“Cosmo's SEX TOY of the month” —Cosmopolitan